“Help all [Fake] Refugees” Says Reverend at Service Trumps Attended


The Trumps attended a service at the National Cathedral on Tuesday and during the sermon, the Bishop urged them to help all the refugees. That’s nuts!

First of all, it is obvious they are NOT refugees for the most part. People who don’t want to live with gangs or get beaten by husbands are NOT refugees. Another obvious fact is we can’t take care of up to 3,300 dependent and criminal people a week. It’s unsustainable. The leftists who brought them here are responsible for this crisis and they need to be arrested. They are trying to ruin our country.

What these religious people ignore is the requisite loyalty to America and the people who pay the taxes.

“As Christians, as followers of Jesus, as one of our great mantras of the church says, in the name of these refugees, we are to help all refugees,” Bishop Marianne Budde told NPR Tuesday.

The reverend pulled the same phony nonsense about the alleged parallels between the story of many refugees and Mary and Joseph in the nativity story that the left has become so fond of blathering.

“I didn’t explicitly mention any of the immigrant crises that are facing us, although I was just at the U.S.-Mexican border a few days ago and can’t get those images out of my mind. But I didn’t have to. It was the text that called that to us, and I simply touched upon it pretty lightly, actually, at the end of the sermon. But it’s an unmistakable part of the story,” Budde told NPR.


The invasion is so bad that border officials are begging the Coast Guard for help. They are overwhelmed and can’t handle the invasion and all the sick people coming through.

A second little child just died but there is nothing anyone could have done under these circumstances.

CBP said more than two dozen “welfare checks” were performed during those six days, and it wasn’t until the final day that the boy showed any problems — and was actually treated and released by a hospital just hours before falling ill again, and dying soon after being readmitted.

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