Here Are 8 Republicans Who Sided with Dems on a War Powers Act


Here are the eight Republicans who voted for Marxist Tim Kaine’s War Powers Resolution against President Trump:

  • Utah Sen. Mike Lee
  • Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul
  • Maine Sen. Susan Collins
  • Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander
  • Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy
  • Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran
  • Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski
  • Indiana Sen. Todd Young

There are different reasons for these lawmakers to go to the dark side. For example, Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul think the President was declaring war without Congress. In fact, the President was using a military strategy. He wasn’t trying to start a war and did not start a war.

“We should not be at war with Iran unless Congress votes to authorize such a war,” Virginia Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine, who introduced the resolution said, according to CNN. “While the President does and must always have the ability to defend the United States from imminent attack, the executive power to initiate war stops there. An offensive war requires a congressional debate and vote. This should not be a controversial proposition.”

The President will veto it as he did last year. It’s getting harder and harder for the President to do his job, but somehow he keeps going.

It is highly unlikely this bill they have passed is constitutional. It’s a case of Congress attempting to overstep their authority and interfere with the authority rightfully belonging to the Executive.

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