Here are some enemies within


This is how we spend 9/11 where people I knew died, including an usher at my wedding, and children of a friend. Liz Cheney’s recent comments litter the Twitter slum, George Bush calls Trump supporters ‘terrorists,’ and Biden says Americans committed violence against Muslim Americans.

Liz Cheney should be making this speech about what her father and George W. Bush did overseas:

Warmonger Bush

She liked the speech by warmonger George W. as he acts as if he had nothing to do with the disaster that followed 9/11. She loved the part (4:14) where he insulted Donald Trump and his followers as having the “same foul spirit” as the 9/11 terrorists. Bush publicly compared J6 to 9/11.

The USA no longer exists as it did even ten years ago.

Biden Turns the Tables

Joe Biden made certain to accuse Americans of hurting Muslim Americans.

“Yet we also witnessed the darker forces of human nature. Fear and anger. Resentment and violence against Muslim Americans, true and faithful followers of a peaceful religion.”

None of that happened. Do Americans really need a President who hates us? Maybe Barack wrote that section of his speech.

Biden just wiped out an entire Afghan family who aided the US.

He talked of unity all while dividing us on every level imaginable. The man has no credibility, and his words are empty.

Watch this despicable individual:

WOKE General Mark Milley says pretty much nothing after helping destroy Afghanistan just these past two months.

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