Biden holds much-touted law enforcement meeting without police


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki wasn’t exactly honest about President Joe Biden’s meeting with law enforcement officials on Monday. She boasted of it as another step in his plan to get illegal guns off the streets. However, he must have forgotten to invite the police leaders, or was this just another political photo-op?

He needs to get serious.

The Associated Press categorized those in attendance  as “urban leaders.”

President Biden convened the meeting with Attorney General Merrick Garland, “law enforcement leaders,” and elected officials on July 12 and once again ticked off the same list of gun-control measures he announced on June 23, ABC News reported.

People who attended the meeting included: DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Democratic nominee for New York City mayor, Eric Adams, along with two police chiefs [political hacks], ABC News reported.

But the leadership from national police unions and other law enforcement organizations that actually represent law enforcement officers nationwide was noticeably absent, the Washington Examiner reported.

Also, why wasn’t Curtis Silwa invited? He is the Republican candidate for NYC mayor and Adams hasn’t won yet.


They discussed the Biden gun plan, which concentrates on taking guns from lawful gun owners. It also focuses on stopping illegal guns from being transported from state to state. Meanwhile, they come in through our open borders and that will continue.

Additionally, he is absurdly stretching the law beyond reason to make gun makers responsible for what someone does with their guns. The only thing it will do is put them out of business after they get sued for something they are not responsible for doing.

The President’s plan includes using federal stimulus funds to pay for more police and tax credits to incentivize businesses to hire convicted felons, along with a promise to provide housing and federal jobs for felons.

Meanwhile, police are defunded in blue cities and the funds he will give are meaningless in the grand scheme. Mostly he wants to give money to felons.


Since the Republicans didn’t vote for his horrendous police bill which gives some funds to the wasteful empty hole fund for police, Biden and his comrades claimed Republicans are the ones who defunded the police.

Biden got “3 Pinocchios” from The Washington Post for trying to blame the GOP for defunding.

Only Democrats are defunding the police and it shows in the crime waves in a number of blue cities. NYC took a billion dollars out of their budget.


National Sheriff’s Association Executive Director Jonathan Thompson wasn’t invited to the meeting. He implored President Biden to stop playing politics with law enforcement, the Washington Examiner reported.

“Money isn’t the problem with police recruitment and retention,” Johnson explained. “Cops are leaving because they have been disrespected and disempowered.”

“If he believes that hiring and retaining more cops is necessary — and it is — he should start standing up for the men and women of law enforcement and stop perpetuating lies about this noble profession,” he added.

Biden should but he won’t. His goal is to trash them so he can nationalize them. He wants a national police force — that’s what Hitler did before he took over.



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2 years ago

America will be lost in the desert without water until be next “Fraud Free” Presidential Election. The logical thing to do with so few people having confidence in the Government is to just have a new election in November to serve out the Traitor Joe Term. Having a President no one has confidence in is dangerous.

Back In The Ring
Back In The Ring
2 years ago

Cops have already checked out. There is something evil brewing.
The traitorous fifth column has a Final Solution in mind for all who didn’t vote for Beijing Biden.
Don’t be alarmed by the chaos that is coming.
When you push God away as a societal choice then you don’t have any more blessings.