Here Are the Sensitivity Readers Cleansing the Classics


Roald Dahl’s treasured collection of children’s books was purified by sensitivity readers, who say they are more than that. Puffin publishers chose a group called Inclusive Minds to help them cleanse Roald Dahl’s books.

You might wonder who sensitivity readers are. The Daily Mail online has cleared that up for us.

The cleansers essentially advise publishers and writers how to burn the classics and turn them into WOKE.  They say they do not edit or rewrite books, but rather provide “insight from people with the relevant lived experience that they can take into consideration in the wider process of writing and editing.”

Roald Dahl bookshelf

The sensitivity readers who took Roald Dahl out of Roald Dahl’s books are WOKE consultants aged eight to 30. They were led by they/them female named Jo Ross-Barrett, who calls herself a “non-binary, asexual, polyamorous relationship anarchist who is on the autism spectrum.”

The famed child author’s books were deterged of offensive words by inclusion consultants who are members of groups representing hardly anyone.

They say they do not edit or rewrite books. “On any project, it’s the role of the ambassador to help identify language and portrayals that could be inauthentic or problematic and to highlight why, as well as indicate potential solutions. The publisher (and/or author) are then able to make informed decisions regarding what changes they wish to make to manuscripts and illustrations.”

They advise how to cleanse the books.

Inclusive Minds

Jo Ross-Barrett, a they/them ”non-binary, asexual, polyamorous relationship anarchist who is on the autism spectrum,” represents a highly minute portion of the population.

The people who bowdlerized Dahl’s books do not represent the overwhelming majority of people.

Their mission is to “represent every child,”  but instead, they help deform the classics of Roald Dahl and many other writers in their advisory capacity.

Ross-Barrett recently left Inclusive Minds to become a full-time DEI professional. She is bringing her views as a “non-binary, asexual, polyamorous relationship anarchist” autistic to a broader audience. Her crazy little pronouns are they/them.

Barrett’s work has been published in Bi-ible. This is an anthology about bisexuality and related identities. She was published in AZE Journal. It is an online magazine for ‘aromantic-spectrum, asexual-spectrum, and agender people.’

[There are no genders but male and female.]


The group of inclusivity ambassadors and sensitivity readers – aged eight to 30 -reported to Ross-Barrett. The team worked to advise how to cleanse the collective works of Dahl. It is the new form of book burning.

In The Twits, descriptions have been deterged. Mrs. Twit’s “fearful ugliness” has been cut to “ugliness,”and Mrs. Hoppy in Esio Trot is not an “attractive middle-aged lady” but a “kind middle-aged lady.”.

In The Witches, a paragraph describing them as bald under their wigs is followed by a line they added. “There are plenty of other reasons why women might wear wigs, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that.”

Inclusive Minds claims their “Ambassadors is not about cutting potentially controversial content but rather about including and embedding authenticity and inclusive voices and experiences from the outset.”

Puffin said last week that they would release two versions of each book. They will release the original and the revised, far less interesting book. That’s a far less offensive move for the majority.

Well, now you know who is cleansing the classics in their advisory capacity.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Individualism run amok.
Instead of finding common ground and building unity these people stress diversity and create an us vs them mentality. Couple that with an elitist distain for the ideas of other and a hot bed for resentment and hate is the result.

1 year ago

This is not about “cleansing books”. It is about white washing and changing history. The WOKE have been white washing electronic information for years, but that is why printed books and “hard copy” media are so important to teaching new generations, you can’t cleanse them with a few keystrokes.

My youngest daughter is Gen-Z. Over the last few years, I have exposed her and her friends to “Old Stuff”. I wasn’t making much progress with my Library, when she was a Freshman, but realized that Gen-Z has discovered their grandparents music. I have a world class home theater and entertainment system. They listen to MP3 music on Smart Phones. My daughter helped me introduce them to vinyl, including half-speed mastered super vinyl. They were shocked by the realism. The impact of the Telarc 1812 Overture though 18″ sub woofers was an eye opener. Then they realized that much of my vinyl was over 40 years old and that Boomers listened to real music instead of junk through earbuds. I keep telling them that they are being short changed, I grew up in the “Good Old Days”.

Once I had them hooked on music, I was then able to hold Movie Nights. They saw Classic Movies, on the big screen LCD sitting in theater chairs eating popcorn. My daughter would ask questions about “what were they thinking” after seeing some of the movies and I would say the book is in the Library; Read It. Now her friends are borrowing some of my books. A few months ago my daughter use my aunt’s 40+ year old Encyclopedia Britannica for research on a school paper. I wish it was still in print. Luckily, there is a Library in the Small Town near me, but it is a Regional Library.

It’s unfortunate that without a College, small towns don’t have libraries any more. Parents need to push schools to have adequate High School Libraries with a Collection of Classic Novels and the big Controversial Books of at least the last 100 years that give insight and force young adults to think and beware of evils in the World, like 1984 by George Orwell, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, The Scarlet Letter, Animal Farm, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Bell Curve, Lolita, Mein Kampf, The Grapes of Wrath, Catch 22, Slaughterhouse Five, etc. If we enlighten our children to controversy and evil, they are less susceptible to Indoctrination.

We can’t just stick our children in front of WOKE TV and Smart Phones if they are going to function in an increasingly complex world. They need to read the Classics, unedited, and experience life beyond a Smart Phone with Earbuds. With things warming up I’ll have her friends over again along with their parents and we can continue to sit around the fire pit at night and sort out the problems of the World.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

In the early 70’s had an interesting conversation with a leading farmer who was on the school board in his rural school district. In secret he was a liar who cheated on his wife.
He was proud that the district had one of the lowest pay scales in the state. I asked him that if they really cared about the children’s’ education (including his grandchildren) shouldn’t they offer competitive salaries and recruit the best teachers? He said no! He was confident that they would get the best teachers who were willing to sacrifice at a lower pay scale.
What they got was the forerunners of the woke movement, who created rebellious children who already at the ages of 7 & 8 thought their parents were stupid and old fashioned. One give-away was the teachers telling the children what was talked about at school was not to be revealed to the parents. The teachers were not true educators, but propagandists for a new world order.

1 year ago

The only thing that Hillary Clinton was right about was that it takes a village to raise our children. The problem was that her idea of a village was a bunch of wacko liberals indoctrinating our children in school. This is why I foster the idea of parents getting together regularly and dealing with our children’s issues collectively. Just getting teenagers together and off their Smart Phones for a while let’s them realize that they are not alone and their peers deal with the same problems. The isolation that Smart Phones cause is a big factor in Teen suicide and we have to find time to actually talk to and communicate with our children. It’s amazing how a teenager will listen to another parent when told the same thing their parents tell them.

Last edited 1 year ago by GuvGeek