Here Is What the Pro-Pedo Caller to a Radio Show Wants


A pedophilia sympathizer, without a clue morally, called into a radio show promoting pedos. She said the age of consent in some countries like Nigeria is 11, so it’s okay then.

The group she promotes bears the euphemistic name The International Pedophile and Child Emancipation (IPCE). She wants LGBT to include pedophiles.

She’s worried about the well-being of pedos. She supports a romantic relationship between adults and people in a drastically different age group. This slob said she supports “love” and plays games with semantics.

Her goal is to have LGBTs add ‘P’ for pedophiles.
Children can’t give informed consent, and she’s a barely-cloaked monster.

Actually, a local Starbucks near me had a pedo flag flying with all the other LGBT flags, and there are many. and if you want to see a page from books in middle school libraries, click here; beware, it’s porn, but kids see it.

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