Here they come! Massive numbers of Dems in a caravan that just crossed into Mexico


Daily Mail reports that a massive migrant caravan of Central Americans crossed the Suchiate River into Mexico from Guatemala on Thursday after a standoff with security agents.

Carrying U.S. and Honduran flags at the head of the procession, they walked along a highway toward a waiting contingent of dozens of Mexico’s National Guard servicemen with riot shields and body armor and vans from the National Immigration Institute.

It is the second in a week of at least 4,000 illegal aliens, mostly from Honduras.

They couldn’t get across the bridge, so they waited until 4:30 Thursday morning and walked up the river. They are now in Mexico.

Mexico is doing it under threat of tariffs by the U.S. President.

The caravan Democrats will be sent back home or they can wait in Mexico for their case to be heard.

Mexicans are working to stop them and return them, but tens of thousands still sneak through our open borders each month. Thank a Democrat. But Donald J. Trump is building a wall! Joe Biden is looking to tear down walls we currently have.

How many gang members are among them? We don’t know because they aren’t vetted.


Seven more buses left Mexico for Honduras on Wednesday, carrying 240 migrants back home, and two flights left with an additional 220 Hondurans, Mexico’s National Immigration Institute said.

By Wednesday, the number of people outside the Casa del Migrante in Tecún Umán was perhaps half of what it was at its peak Sunday night.

In previous caravans, Mexican authorities have allowed caravans to walk for a while, seemingly to tire them out, and then closed their path.

We can’t afford them and we have enough Democrats. As the weather gets warmer, more and more will come for our welfare benefits, which will include free healthcare under Democrats and under Gov. Newsom currently, and to take Americans’ jobs. Democrats want us to take all of Central America and the impoverished world into our country, destroying our economy, our culture, and our politics.

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