Here we go! AG to spread the Big Lie with a probe of Minneapolis police


Attorney General Merrick Garland is as radical as we reported. Using the killing of George Floyd as an excuse, he will launch a widespread probe of the Minneapolis Police Department to look for the big lie — ‘systemic racism’ — in their practices.

We believe they will do what they did in Ferguson and find a few officers who wrote racist jokes, or something of the sort and use it to federalize their practices as much as possible. They will also make them liable for civil suits. In fact, they did not find systemic racism in Ferguson.

The probe will be conducted by the far-Left civil rights attorneys in the Department of Justice.

This will be used to prove the false tale of systemic racism in policing. They are dividing us unnecessarily to further their far-Left agenda.

The despicable administration is pushing a lie. They promote the communist revolutionaries in Black Lives Matter and Antifa, both of which are anti-police hate groups. They are violent and Garland won’t do a thing about them.


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