Here’s Biden’s Answer to Reporters Questions About Nuclear War


Biden lights a lot of fires reading off a teleprompter but there is no leadership, not from him. He has given the world a clear sign that whoever is running the country is invisible and unaccountable. Americans are allowing it!

The world has nothing to fear from us as someone from behind the curtain works to make the US an insignificant cog in a wheel where anyone in the world can take up space and where citizenship no longer matters.

Today was the most offensive yet. A war rages in Ukraine, one he might have been able to avert had his Secretary of State not nixed Minsk II. He ignored it all with the utmost arrogance and went to Delaware to hide.

Don’t think for a minute that anything changed and that he planned to answer any questions today.

Here is his response:

REPORTER 1: “Mr. President, is Ukraine winning the war?”

REPORTER 1: “Mr. President, are you worried about nuclear war?”


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7 months ago

It’s not Putin’s Mental state in question, it’s Traitor Joe’s. Putin puts Russia First is having no part of the WEF Globalist New World Order and Great Reset. Traitor Joe is owned buy both the Communist Chinese and the WEF. He has no idea what to do! The Congress needs to take him out now! If the Congress does not, they are all Traitors! All of America who gives a crap knows what’s going on.

Putin knows exactly what he is doing. He is saving his Country and by extension the rest of the World from a take over by the Old Money European Families. The Glory Days of Europe are over, this is the European aristocracies last stand. If Traitor Joe over reacts against Putin, it may be the civilized world’s last stand.

Modern weapons make the next 90 days the most dangerous in human history.

7 months ago

All day Fox News and probably others have been running this statement at the bottom of the screen “Putin’s Mental State Questioned” when the U.S. has the most erratic, brain damaged leader on the planet and nobody in media questions Joe’s ability to handle this mess !!!!

General Boy vs Booji
General Boy vs Booji
7 months ago

Nooklur (h/t-Shrub) there is no nuclear WAR in Mario Kart!
And no orange tweets either!
How I hate the CPUSA with the intensity of 1000 suns.

7 months ago

Considering the Gravity of the situation, this is a time when Every news outlet, Every pundit and Every commentator should be attacking Biden for not getting up and thoroughly answering every question put to him. And if he gives one of his little smirks, slap him down right then and there. This is far too serious to have a “President” AWOL.