Here’s what happens in Miami when police are attacked


The Miami Police Department is backed by leadership and they can do their job. In this first clip, the police car is attacked by vicious young thugs. The police took down the foul-mouthed bunch.

This is the opposite of the bizarre Seattle mayor and governor who think it’s great that their city is out of control with violent flower children.

The overwhelming majority of police aren’t looking for the fight, but they will stand up if they have to do so. These are brave men and women who go out every day with a target on their backs and they do it to protect others.


The bizarre, weak-kneed flower children are running blue cities and they’re running them into the ground.

Here is another one going down the proverbial tubes:

Look at what is going on in NY:

They’re not causing pain, it’s a purge you dimwit:

Seattle is a disaster:

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