Stand up America! American Privilege is Colorblind!  


Stand up America! American Privilege is Colorblind!

by Linda Goudsmit


Get off your knees and stand up America!  Americans stopped kneeling to tyranny in 1776.

Our country vehemently rejects submission and adamantly rejects white supremacy AND black supremacy. Racial pandering and prostrating is un-American. It is reverse discrimination and political exploitation of the black community by race-baiting Democrats. Law-abiding Americans, black and white, want equality and ordered liberty. Freedom and equality is a  colorblind American privilege.

Rioting and anarchy never lead to peace – they are the precursors of tyranny. Costumed, kneeling Nancy Pelosi and her globalist handlers are deliberately fomenting racial divisiveness, social chaos, and anarchy in their bid to make America ungovernable and defeat President Trump in November. Chaos is the Democrat party political strategy and the preferred political strategy of tyrants. This is how it works.

Tyranny is a binary social structure of rulers and the ruled. The ruling masters, monarchs, oligarchs, emperors, and dictators all consider the subjects they rule to be property. Not in America! In America we belong to ourselves.  It is a privilege to be an American citizen and to live in a society where individual rights, upward mobility, and private property create a robust middle class that supports freedom.  Equal opportunity, not equal outcome, is the privilege and guarantee of equality in America.

The middle class is the buffer against tyranny, including the tyranny of a permanent political ruling class in America. America is on fire because the desperate Democrats and their globalist handlers are fomenting, funding, and encouraging anarchy. Their promise of equal outcome is the great lie of the 21st century because it destroys the middle class and denies individual freedom.

The promise of equal outcome is rooted in collectivism and cradle-to-grave socialism. Here is the problem. Collectivism, whether it is socialism, communism, or Islamism, is a binary social structure of rulers and the ruled. The rulers control all means of production and its distribution. There is no upward mobility, individual rights, private property, or middle class in collectivism because the individual does not own or control what he produces – the government does.

There is no freedom without a middle class in America, only the political class of rulers and the ruled. The rioting and looting is deliberately destroying the private businesses of the middle class in America, black and white.  The publicly-traded globalist business sector is participating in the wreckage by pandering to racially divisive groups like Black Lives Matter.

We do not kneel in America! We stand tall for liberty, equal opportunity, and law and order. We are all privileged Americans and reject the racially divisive groveling that is reverse discrimination designed to foment race riots.  The colors of America are red, white, and blue because  ALL LIVES MATTER in America!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent performance is pure political theater. She should get off her knees, take off her unnecessary mask, remove her contrived African Kente sash, and get back to work. Black and white communities require a robust, independent, working middle class to be free.  American civil rights leader Martin Luther King’s unifying, colorblind message of equality supports peace and prosperity in America, Malcolm X’s divisive message of black supremacy supports anarchy.

The law-abiding white community must stand with the law-abiding black community and get off our knees and back to work! Together we must acknowledge our American privilege and deny the democrats and their globalist handlers the racial divisiveness they need to collapse America from within and become the permanent political party that will enslave us all.

Do not be fooled by the political theatrics of masks, social distancing, rioting, and looting. They are weapons in the war against America designed to create social chaos and collapse the U.S. economy by destroying the middle class. The goal is to replace our capitalist infrastructure with their binary socialist nightmare in preparation for a one-world government of rulers and the ruled.

Reverse discrimination and self-loathing are political tools designed to make us kneel in surrender. Stand up America – American privilege is colorblind!  ALL LIVES MATTER in America. Anything less is un-American and unacceptable.

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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
3 years ago

Amen, sister! What Nancy Pelosi did in wearing that African sash is called Cultural Apportionment. It’s when you marginalize a cultural or ethnic group or perpetuate stereotypes, often by wearing or using items unique to that group. That’s makes Pelosi a racist! Get off your knees, America! The only One I kneel to is God.