Heritage: “It is an Unambiguous call, there will be blood”


Hamas continues to call on all Palestinians and all members of the Arab Islamic nation to mobilize and come from wherever they are to the closest place they can to Al Aqsa mosque. The terrorist organization is calling on them to cross borders and mob the nation of Israel.

That doesn’t mean The US and the EU shouldn’t be at their highest alert. The US and EU have moronically opened their borders to unvetted people from that region.

We have fools in this country, like some of our presidential candidates, calling for the bombing of Iran.

We’ll see if Hamas has the power.

James Carafano, a fellow at the Heritage Foundation and senior counselor to its president, said, “The real threat here is that there is no way of knowing who, if anyone, will take up the call or if there are pre-planned actions already staged elsewhere in the world just waiting for the green light.”

Robert Greenway of the Heritage Foundation said, “It is an unambiguous global call to arms. It will be heated. There will be blood.”

As Carafano also said, the Biden administration’s open door immigration policies have “thrown virtually every post 9/11 caution to the wind. Given that preparations and attention for dealing with global terrorism in the West have lapsed in recent years, who knows if anyone has been paying attention to this threat?”

The latest footage shows that young civilians from Gaza crossed the border fence, walked into Jewish villages, and beheaded Jewish kids.

The IDF is distributing leaflets from the air to the residents of Beit Lahia, telling them to evacuate or go to shelters. Anyone who is near Hamas terrorists is putting their lives in danger.

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