Heroic Doctor: “Worst Public Health Crisis…Vaccine Injuries and Deaths”


As we reported from a NY Times article, the CDC hid data on COV and only released that which they felt Americans could understand. Actually, it was data that supported their narrative. What a coincidence! Dr. McCullough appeared on Stinchfield last night to discuss this and added that the “worst public health crisis you have now is vaccine injuries and deaths.”

The agency has withheld critical data on boosters, hospitalizations, and, until recently, wastewater analyses. The CDC claims Americans would misunderstand the data. They were also reluctant to reveal the data because it only represents 10% of Americans. However, that is how it is always done — by sampling.

The agency said the data wasn’t ready for primetime, driving scientists to outside sources for information. The CDC needs to be defunded and the money given to an agency that can get data out in a timely manner.

Now, remarkably, the CDC refuses to publish critical data on booster effectiveness.

Two weeks ago, the CDC published the first significant data on the effectiveness of boosters in adults younger than 65.

But the agency, led by Dr. Rochelle Walensky, did not share the information on those aged 18-49, who is considered to be the least likely to benefit from a booster.

It has also failed to provide the information they held on child hospitalizations, scientists complained.

Dr. Peter McCullough said Moderna’s shots against Omicron didn’t provide good coverage — way less than 50% — and only lasted about 60 days. The agency needs to start providing real-time data.

McCullough said the CDC is using data selectively to push vaccines as they’ve been charged as the main sponsors of the vaccine.


About the VAERS system, Dr. McCullough said the worst public health crisis we have now is vaccine injuries and deaths. We have the treatments for the virus now, particularly for Omicron. The vaccine injuries are grave with over 23,000 who have died shortly after getting the vaccine.

It is way too many, he said. The CDC and FDA have no independent data safety board to review. There are way too many deaths from this vaccine, and he explains why. He called the spike protein dangerous as it causes brain and heart problems.

We have to know the good and bad from the vaccines so they can make a good choice. Dr. McCullough has lost a lot of money by being outspoken but does not regret it. As an academic physician, he said he did the right thing and no one has ever directly challenged him on any of his conclusions.

Watch famed Dr. McCullough discuss it:

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