Hey Joe, Come And Get It!


Joe Biden wants 90% of our red meat. That’s right, Biden plans to cut your red meat consumption by 90%. At least one person is fighting. Let’s hope there are more.

King Biden plans to cut our red meat consumption by 90% and animal products by 50% in his new Green New Deal proposal.

Gradually making those changes by 2030 could see diet-related greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 50 percent, according to a study [one study by politically-motivated ‘researchers’] by Michigan University’s Center for Sustainable Systems.

We call BS on that. It’s another computer model that will be proven wrong.

To reach their outrageous goal, it would require Americans to only consume about four pounds of red meat per year or 0.18 ounces per day.

Biden will force us to do it by regulating ranchers and restaurants and butchers into millions of lost jobs.

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