Hezbollah Could Attack on US Soil As Borders Remain Open


U.S. intelligence officials warn of a growing threat posed by the Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist group. According to four officials familiar with the intelligence, they could hit inside the United States. They might first hit Middle East interests.

The Iran-backed militant group would likely target U.S. personnel in the Middle East first, the officials said. And U.S. intelligence agencies are gathering data on Hezbollah that suggest it could be considering attacks on both U.S. troops or diplomatic personnel overseas, two of the officials told Politico.

The chance for an assault on U.S. soil is also growing as tensions in the region escalate, the officials said.

“Hezbollah could draw on the capability they have … to put people [in] places to do something,” one of the officials said, referring to a potential attack on the U.S. “It is something to be worried about.” The official, like others in this story, was granted anonymity to talk freely about sensitive intelligence.

At the same time, there is NO EFFORT to CLOSE the BORDER.

The officials also said the Iranian-backed group has capabilities that other terrorist groups in the region do not.


Individuals inspired by the Islamic State or al-Qaeda have carried out lone-wolf attacks in the U.S. and Europe, officials said.

But Hezbollah has an expansive international network that would allow the group to use its operatives to carry out an attack in the United States.

That’s definitely true with open borders, but the corrupt media won’t mention that.

We do not vet the many Iranian and other Middle Eastern illegal aliens pouring through our borders. We know millions of military-age single adult men are in the country, somewhere in the interior.

The administration doesn’t give a damn about the people in this country. That is evil. They are putting us all at risk for political power.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

1) 9/11 shows it is possible.\
2) October 7 attack on Israel shows how easily innocent civilians can be slaughtered. Think the the impact of several thousands of deaths in the middle of the night is a mid-America town.
3) There appear to be millions of Hamas/Hezbollah supporters in the USA,, some even members of the US congress, and according to a recent article also in the White House.
4) Terrorists want to bring terror to all Americans in order to case Americans to bend to thier will and plans.
Thanks to Democrat open borders no one is safe anywhere in the USA.

1 month ago

Lock and load!