High school runners forced to compete against biological males SUE


For the first time in the state of Connecticut, high school runners filed a lawsuit to stop transgender athletes from competing with girls.

The families of three Connecticut high school girls who run cross country are suing to block transgender students from participating in girls’ sports in the state, the Hill.com reports.

How would you like to be a female athlete who has to compete with biological males?


In a statement, a law firm representing the families accused school officials associated with Glastonbury High School and Canton High School of forcing girls “to compete against boys” by allowing transgender girls to participate in the same divisions as other female students, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.

“Forcing them to compete against boys isn’t fair, shatters their dreams, and destroys their athletic opportunities,” said attorney Christiana Holcomb, according to the AP. “Having separate boys’ and girls’ sports has always been based on biological differences, not what people believe about their gender, because those differences matter for fair competition.”

Title IX, Holcomb explains, is “a federal law designed to create equal opportunities for women in education and athletics.”

Is this a lawsuit that needs to happen? It appears to be ruining girl’s sports and some adult female sports.


The responses on Twitter were interesting. Here are a couple.

An employee at Columbia U said:

The Ninth Circus dismissed a similar lawsuit in Oregon. Thank the ACLU and the Democrats:



  1. The idiots that pushed this “inclusivity” in sports should be removed from any position higher than school crossing guard.
    There IS a difference between male and female, even if liberals can’t understand that fact.

  2. Lawfare is a two way street. One thing Trump and McConnell are doing that is off radar screens is the appointment of non-communist judges.

    • FYI: That is a good thing but the Dimwits are ahead of us still. Think of Kim Foxx (Jussie Smollett fame) charges brought then dismissed by Foxx, never even see a Judge. Bloomberg + Zorro are buying DA’s like Foxx all over the country. My beloved Virginia is overrun with this miscarriage of justice. We have become a banana republic as of the last election AND It only takes one election to bury a state.

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