Phony Rich Bernie Blasts America for Its Wealth


Phonies Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders complained about the dire situation of the American worker Friday in a Boston theater and two other locations, all sold-out events.

The United States is moving towards Socialism.

The red diaper baby and his comrade Warren are still talking revolution and want an economy that works for people by robbing the rich and middle class to pay for the poor and lower middle class. He says everything will be “free” as usual.

The little phony has three homes, one on the water. Warren is worth millions also. Why don’t they give away their money and set up tents on their properties for the future Democrat voters they are pouring into the country.

Bernie will propose new legislation next week to make colleges tuition free and reduce student debt at the expense of people who work and pay taxes.

Bernie says they will put a tax on Wall Street speculation to pay for it. That would kill business obviously.

He sold his soul for Clinton after the party cheated him during the primary. He’s as phony as they come.

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