Hillary Clinton Talks GOP Spines on Walls with Willie Geist


Hillary Clinton, fresh off her crying jag about losing the 2016 election, spoke with Willie Geist on the Today show. She will never go away. Her influence operation, the Clinton Foundation, has essentially gone away, but not her.

Referring to any Republican who supports Donald Trump and sounding like Cruella de Vil, she said they have “hung their spines up on the wall.”

About the corruption in the election, Clinton told Geist, “[Trump] has no basis at all in law or fact. There’s not a single credible piece of evidence. He does not care. He wants to destroy this country’s institutions.”

“And sadly, the Republican Party has gone along with him.”

She continued, “People who I knew, that I served with, who fall in line on the outrageous accusations they make, whether it’s against Dr. Tony Fauci or pretending that what happened on Jan. 6 wasn’t an insurrection — honestly, they have hung their spines up on the wall as they walk into their offices. They have no conscience, they have no spine.”After taking time to regroup, most losing candidates accept their defeat and move on to the next chapter of their lives.”

“And we are seeing the results of a party that has been taken over by a demagogue, and we know from history that’s not good news, that’s scary news,” she warned. “We have to do much more than we’re doing now to fight back against this very organized effort to undermine our elections.”

The woman is in complete denial. It’s amazing she got as far as she did. Clinton seethes with anger and blames everyone but herself for losing the election.

She’s also teaching a Master Class. Ironically, it’s how to deal with loss and disappointments which means, in her case, you make excuses, blame everyone else, whine, and attack your opponent viciously with lies. Hillary is the world’s worst loser and she is the one who tried to unseat him through a coup while acting as if he’s the villain.

Hillary is evil, always has been.

Watch the clips from the interview:

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Ain't In No Ways Tired
Ain't In No Ways Tired
1 year ago

I got my back like a spine, I don’t need a mommygov, I’ll be fine.
Don’t be sad Cruella Pantsuit, it isn’t your fault that Barry usurped your Golden Ticket and then the Orange Roadrunner came down the Wonkavator.

1 year ago

Think About it. Hillary Clinton is the best the Democrat Party has got! And she’s insane too!