Hillary Clinton’s Making Her Pre-Election Move


Today, on 9/11, Hillary Clinton popped up out of Chappaqua to use the 9/11 horror to promote hate against Republicans, calling them extremists. She’s making her move to destroy Republicans before the election. Why doesn’t she just drone us and take us out of our misery?

Democrats want to put the stake in anyone who tries to put America First. It’s not simply about Donald Trump. Chappaqua Hillary is making her pre-election move.

What did Melania Trump ever do to Hillary Clinton? How is this funny?

The irony of ironies. Chappaqua Hillary destroyed 30,000 emails, closeted her classified emails in a bathroom in her home, and allowed copies on Anthony Weiner’s computer. Weiner served time for pornography and sexting with underage girls. Hillary is now attacking Donald Trump for having classified documents in his home without knowing whether or not they are declassified, as Donald Trump claims they are.

Everything Democrats do gets turned around.

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