Hillary Clinton’s Play Suffs Is Going to Be Snuffed Soon


I have some good news today. Hillary co-produced a three-hour play on the topic no one is eager to hear about—the non-binary Suffragettes—and it is bombing at the height of the Broadway season.

How many non-binary (non-binaries don’t know if they are male or female) suffragettes were there in the early 1900s? Let me guess – NONE?

Chappaqua’s Grand Dame thought the topic and the all-female non-binary cast would be a box office hit, especially with her name attached to it.


The official site of the Broadway Theatre Industry, “The Broadway League,” shared the weekly grosses from the 35 shows currently playing on Broadway. The plays include “Suffs,” “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child,” “Romeo & Juliet,” Sweeney Todd,” and “Moulin Rouge! According to the data, Clinton’s play only reached 81% capacity across eight performances that week. That placed it among the bottom eight productions in that category. It’s at the bottom 23% of all 35 shows for the week.

Usually, Broadway shows do best in the beginning weeks. This is a new show with a prominent failed presidential candidate attached. It should have been a winner out of the gate if it was going to be a winner at all.

The play first opened on Broadway last month, following an Off-Broadway run that started in 2022 in New York City’s “The Public” theater. The musical was by singer-songwriter Shaina Taub and directed by Leigh Silverman. It was produced by lead producers Jill Furman and Rachel Sussman and co-producers Hillary Clinton and Malala Yousafzai.

According to the show’s website, Suffs “boldly explores the victories and failures of a struggle for equality that’s far from over.”

These are the same people who want men in women’s sports. And what’s with “Suffs?” Is that like LatinX? Phony clever?

Fox News writes:

The play features an “entirely female and non-binary cast – among them Tony winner Nikki M. James, Jenn Colella, Emily Skinner, and Grace McLean as President Woodrow Wilson,” according to Playbill.com.

Clinton stated she relates to “all of” the characters in the play, telling the Associated Press last month she knows “how hard it is to make change.”

What change does she want?

The three-hour-long play brings the women’s suffrage movement of the early 1900s to the stage. According to the show’s website, Suffs “boldly explores the victories and failures of a struggle for equality that’s far from over.”

Equality? Does she mean having men in women’s sports and snuffing out women? I have equality so stuff your suffs.

The really good news is she can’t make us see it.

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