Another Report of Outside Terrorists on College Campuses


Recently, Sentinel reported that radical Islamists are crossing the border and heading for CUNY protests. That information came from Professor Jeffrey Lax, the chair of the legal department at CUNY. We now have a Columbia professor warning us about the terrorists from the outside participating in campus protests.

Professor Carol Ewing Garber immediately had her mic muted when she warned her colleagues that the Morningside Heights campus had been infiltrated by outsiders with “known ties to terrorist organizations.” This occurred on a May 3 Zoom meeting of the university’s faculty senate. The meeting was held hours after pro-Hamas students and outsiders overran and damaged the school’s Hamilton Hall.

“There really is a need for good security on campus, and it was very clear . . . that the university was unable to do that given the number of people from outside who were able to pass through our tight security to get onto campus,” Garber said. “We do know that there are groups that are supporting terrorists.”

Jeanine D’Armiento, an associate dean for gender equity, shut off Garber’s mic and claimed there was no evidence. My guess is she would have no interest in finding any if it came up and slammed her in the face. She told everyone it was a dangerous statement.

Garber is a Movement Sciences and Education professor in the Department of Biobehavioral Sciences at Teachers College. Eventually, she was allowed to finish.

The faculty senate is a governing body.

I went through the comments about Columbia on LinkedIn. Comments included professors, students, and alumni. I’ve concluded they have way too many professors and students in feminist and equity studies. They’re making Marxism a new social science. It’s a money maker and a great place for the extremists and mentally disturbed to build a platform.

Watch the Zoom exchange as the PC leftist tries to shut down free speech:

There is plenty of evidence! Read about some of our chronicling of it here, here, here, and here, for starters. And who in their right mind would think terrorists aren’t exploiting the border and capitalizing on college campus protests?

Not your ordinary kids:

There are many people like this in Biden’s administration:


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