Hochul’s Bait-and-Switch as She Codifies Quarantine, Masks, Forced Vaccines


I believe the clip below is from the Locust Valley School District in Nassau County, New York. The Vice President of the Board, Margaret Marchand, would then be the person speaking in the clip. There is an article online about some of the comments she made at the Board meeting which is how I linked her to the clip.

We wish she was wrong in the comments she made, but she is probably not.

New York’s unelected Governor Hochul, who never got one vote for the job she is in, relieved New Yorkers of the masks in some indoor settings. We are now supposed to be grateful for this little ‘gift of freedom.’

However, this is probably a bait-and-switch. At the same time that she seems to be relenting a bit, she is quietly codifying all of the mandates while adding a punitive quarantine provision. I encourage everyone to read these amendments for themselves. There is information, links, and a video explaining on this link.

The new laws — and they will be considered laws — give her and her health toadies and others like law enforcement tremendous power over our freedoms.

She lifted the mask mandate, except for children, because her powers ended. However, she is meeting soon to resume her emergency powers, extending them so she can get closer to the permanent mandates under the Department of Health.

These new permanent mandates will have the full weight of the law. Once this monstrosity is in, you won’t get rid of it. The codification of these very extreme rules she and her staff have planned totally transforms the relationship between the government and the people. It gives Hochul and her minions permanent absolute power over us in the event of a contagion. This is a power they will abuse.

What she is doing is unconstitutional.

You can contact the Department of Health for comment until February 13th.

Watch the clip after the ads:

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