Hochul’s ‘Defund the Police Lt. Gov’ Was Arrested on Multiple Felonies


Authorities arrested New York Democratic Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin – a defund the police activist – on Tuesday morning for campaign finance-related federal crimes.

He was arrested in a federal corruption investigation, U.S. prosecutors say. Benjamin faces charges of bribery, wire fraud, and falsification of records, according to the AP.

The charges are tied to a previous campaign, but he was Governor Kathy Hochul’s pick – a man running around demanding the defunding of the police. I imagine all crooks want the police defunded.

“The lieutenant governor, who had been considered a rising political star after he was chosen by Gov. Hochul, faces bribery and other charges,” ABC News 7 reported.


Did they even vet him? He didn’t notify Hochul of the subpoenas, but don’t they check? Why didn’t the authorities tell her?

During the vetting process for the lieutenant governor appointment in 2021, Benjamin had failed to notify Hochul of a subpoena that he had received from a district attorney in relation to his aide, Gerry Migdol, WSKG reported:

Benjamin was a state senator when the Manhattan district attorney subpoenaed him last year about an alleged scheme run by a former campaign aide.

The aide, Gerry Migdol, allegedly solicited phony campaign donations so that Benjamin — who was then running for New York City comptroller — could boost his fundraising numbers to receive public matching funds.

Migdol was arrested and charged with soliciting fake donations.

Actually, Governor Hochul knew plenty and should have replaced him immediately, but she’s sketchy too.


The NY Post Editorial Board commented on Hochul’s serious ethics problems this morning.

Just days after Gov. Kathy Hochul announced she was standing by her lying Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin, who has repeatedly memory-holed subpoenas and chats with various state and federal investigators probing his past campaign activities, Benjamin surrendered to arrest by the feds.


She knew Benjamin lied on disclosure forms in November but did nothing. The Post writes:

She went along with a lame replacement for the state’s ethics panel that still leaves lawmakers choosing their own ethics police. (It’s no coincidence that Benjamin faces federal charges, like former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate chief Dean Skelos before him.)

Hochul also gave a sweet deal to the Buffalo Bills for their new stadium to reward her donors in the real estate industry.


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conway poppa
conway poppa
1 year ago

Why on earth would the FBI bother with charging Benjamin for little things like wire fraud and bribery? These are now allowable actions for Democrats. This will all blow over and disappear when a bigger misconduct event comes along. and it will, soon. We will probably not see Benjamins name in print again unless he does something more illegal than this.