Unelected Gov Hochul Hogs the Mic at Presser for Subway Attack


During a press conference this morning on the subway shootings, the Police Commissioner gave a very professional, succinct and factual account of what took place during the shooting attack on a Brooklyn New York subway this morning.

The Commissioner then began to introduce the Fire Commissioner when Hochul interrupted to get to the mic and be seen on TV.

The unelected Governor Kathy Hochul then gave a stump speech.

Hochul is part of the problem when it comes to New York City crime. Her pro-criminal and anti- bail policies at the state level foster crime.

Her speech was nonsense. People want to know what the situation is, and don’t need to hear her screaming into the mic about her administration doing something about crime in the future.

The woman’s shrieky, if nothing else.

Here’s more from her claiming she won’t govern by press conference as she governs by press conference.

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1 year ago

She’s a complete lunatic!