Hogg’s New Boycott Humiliation! Kyle Kashuv Owns Him Once Again


David Hogg is trying to launch a massive boycott against two of the largest asset-management firms who have indirect investments in gun manufacturers — BlackRock and Vanguard. He is following socialist Elizabeth Warren’s cue who came out with the same argument earlier this year.

There is a big problem for Hogg and it concerns CNN.

CNN has been acting as his patron in Hogg’s anti-Trump Resistance movement.

CNBC just today called Hogg “One of Parkland, Fla.’s most prominent student activists on stopping gun violence…” and claimed he led a “successful boycott” against Laura Ingraham. In fact, Ingraham’s audience has increased by 20 percent and at least one of her advertisers returned.

CNBC is fighting a losing battle. Hogg’s little spurt of fame is dying – fast. His allies are equally unappealing and going nowhere. He is also boycotting their top shareholders.

This is his call to boycott:

The left isn’t giving up on their new poster boy and is rushing the Hogg kids into becoming authors. Hogg and his little sister Lauren Hogg have a book deal. Their book, #NeverAgain, will be a big seller with the communists and socialists.

As it turned out, Hogg was owned by Kyle Kashuv yet again.

One link to the next claim is here.

The link for this next one is here: CNN top shareholders:

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