Homelessness in Austin Blamed for Stabbings in a Coffee Shop


It is likely you read about the Austin knife attack. One man in his twenties died and four others were stabbed inside a coffee shop. One man in his fifties was transported to a trauma center with life-threatening injuries. The other two were treated and hospitalized.

It’s a terrible story.

According to Fox 4 News, the knifer had been detained by civilians outside a restaurant before the stabbing. He then broke loose and randomly stabbed people in the coffee shop.

The suspect then got on top of the restaurant’s roof and jumped off, the police confirmed. The man is now in serious condition at a hospital.

The story died out quickly. We don’t know much except that the young victim was named Jonathan Aguilar.

A gun wasn’t involved and the perp was homeless. Neither of those things fit the narrative.

Governor Abbott blames the leftist policies that let dangerous homeless people roam without taking care of them properly. This man was a criminal. The leftist homeless policies are cruel and do nothing to help anyone.

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