Maryland wants to eliminate the single-family home too


When the social justice warriors moved to eliminate zoning laws in Minnesota, we reported it. When they did it in Virginia, we reported it. In Virginia, the warriors claim single-family homes are racist. Now it is in Maryland and has already hit other liberal/leftist bastions in places like Oregon. I might be reporting about the demise of the single-family home in the near future as a result.

The social justice radicals, who are gaining in power through the Democrat Party, don’t like private ownership of property and they have no use for the middle class despite their insistence that they are here for the common man.  People in single-family homes in suburban and rural areas usually don’t vote for these people.

One of the leftists’ favored tactics is to get rid of the single-family home which is at the core of the American Dream. They want to stick us all in tall buildings that turn into slums or posh condos.

In Maryland, the denser housing plan is falsely presented as a way to offset fast-rising rents.

“The East Coast has been slower to pick up on density as a solution to soaring costs for renters and home-buyers,” City Lab reports. “But that may change in the new year. Late in December, Virginia became the first eastern state to see a proposal to prohibit bans on duplex housing across the state, among other housing fixes. Not to be outdone, Maryland will weigh an upzoning bill in 2020, plus a sweeping experiment to build European-style social housing across the state.”

Maryland House Delegate Vaughn Steward will introduce housing bills to expand renters’ rights and options for buyers. And this is the killer — it will lift zoning restrictions under the guise of affordability.

What happened to the whole racism thing?

Once local towns and cities lose zoning rights, it’s over for the single-family home.

It’s social justice aimed at killing off the middle class and making everyone rich or poor. The poor will then vote for the elites.

They are masters of incrementalism and very patient.

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Robert Howard
Robert Howard
4 years ago

I am old enough to remember when even the poor could afford to by a house with both a front and back yard as long as their credit was good. The neighborhoods were segregated during the first 65 years of the the 20th Century, but most who wanted a house and lot could buy one. Don’t have anything against duplexes, but I don’t think the States have any business forcing us into them at the peril of single family homes. This is yet another way that the Marxist Leftists are slowly but surely robbing the American middle and working classes of the American dream, owning our own homes. How very tragic.

4 years ago

These attacks on zoning laws are a direct attack against the Republican vote. They’ll not just water down your vote but they’ll pick your back pocket doing it as the tax paying property owner ends up absorbing more cost by allowing their zoning laws to be changed to accommodate lower income housing. Lower at any level than what your zoning laws were made for will impact your vote and your pocket book all because democrats can’t afford their messes and want to force you to pay for them. It comes in many forms. It normally gets slipped through your local zoning boards, however these recent attempts to push it through state legislatures seems relatively new. Freakin need eyes in the back of your head to protect against this kind of stuff but when you see it don’t be afraid to raise the alarm and Resist Madly!

4 years ago

When will the law-abiding, taxpaying, hard working citizens of these leftist bastions rise up and declare they have had enough of the nonsense the traitorous leftists are pushing?
It is up to the folks who pay for the crap going on in these cities and states to push back, forcibily, to keep their freedoms and liberties.
The state legislators in VA and MD, and other states, need to be reminded who are their employers. To hell with the social justice crap, which is nothing more than an excuse to take over the hard earned assets of anyone who has a job.
Its socialism, folks. Wake up.
Just sayin’.