Honduran caravan demands Biden honor his commitments and let them in


The Joe Biden caravans are on their way. Some have already arrived.

A migrant caravan moving from Honduras toward the U.S. border is demanding the incoming Biden administration honor its”commitments” to the illegal aliens moving north.

More than 1,000 Honduran illegal aliens moved into Guatemala on Friday without registering, The Associated Press reported. That is part of a larger caravan that left a Honduran city earlier in the day.

Who knows if they’re criminals, or have COV, and Democrats won’t care.

“We recognize the importance of the incoming Government of the United States having shown a strong commitment to migrants and asylum seekers, which presents an opportunity for the governments of Mexico and Central America to develop policies and a migration management that respect and promote the human rights of the population in mobility,” the statement said. ” We will advocate that the Biden government honors its commitments.”

They’re not asylum seekers, they’re illegal aliens.

Thank Biden for this demanding cabal of foreigners.

Biden will let them all in and give them amnesty and citizenship unless he can be stopped by someone.


The overwhelming number of illegal crossers caught by ICE sneaking into the United States has four criminal convictions or charges.

The overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants arrested by federal authorities in 2020 had an average of four criminal convictions or charges, according to a year-end report published by the government. In the document Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reveals it arrested 103,603 illegal aliens last fiscal year with a total of more than 374,000 convictions and charges. Driving under the influence was the most popular conviction or charge at 74,000, followed by drug crimes (67,000), assaults (37,000), sex offenses (10,000), robberies (3,800), homicides (1,900), and kidnappings (1,600).


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Mean Rattler
Mean Rattler
2 years ago

The comrades want some of that free milk and honey.
Maybe they know that the gravy train will reach the end of the line soon at $26 trillion in debt.
Are they up on their vaccinations?
Immunity passports don’t apply to future lifetime democrat voters?
They will laugh at any passports and make forgeries and fakes.
Passports? We don’t need any stinking passports.

O/T-Bwahaha! Jane Pauley (CCP-Enemedia) is in a “historic” interview with Kommie-La and wonder woman wears Converse Chuck Taylor shoes. Welly well here is her aww shucks husband saying she has several closets full. Cue the fake laughter, clap like seals now home audience.
She feels the pain of the working class comrade, comrade.
OMG! Like historic, we need some Biggie and Tupac music in the background maybe from their unreleased street demos since that is what they had recorded when she claimed to be listening to them back in the late 1980s when the rap section was only a couple of rows at the record store.