Biden’s 1st day: amnesty and short path to citizenship for millions here illegally


Biden will pass legislation to legalize 11 million people here illegally, the LA Times reported.  An MIT study calculated that there are actually 22 million people here illegally, and with chain migration, that number goes much higher. Additionally, 22 million is a very conservative figure. There will be NO SECURITY tied to it and they will get a fast path to citizenship.

The short path to citizenship is so they can vote for Democrats.

There will be no increased enforcement or security procedures in the bill.

Both Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have said their legislative proposal would include a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants in the U.S. without legal status, and The LA Times has confirmed the opening salvo the administration plans in its first days doesn’t include the “security first” political concessions of past efforts.

Biden plans to send the bill to Congress on his first day in office to “restore humanity to our immigration system.”

We have plenty of humanity in our immigration system. We allow at least 3 million people into the country legally each year.

“I think this bill is going to lay an important marker in our country’s history,” said Lorella Praeli, an immigrant and longtime activist who has been talking with Biden’s staff, noting that the measure “will not seek to trade immigration relief for enforcement, and that’s huge.”

In other words, open borders with amnesty. They will get our benefits when the systems are barely afloat, and we are deeply in debt.


If you’ll remember, Hillary Clinton announced that she has told the Biden transition team that “they’re gonna have to move really fast.”

“Now, thankfully, Nancy Pelosi, bless her heart in every way, uh, we can, has teed up a lot of great legislation. It’s been sitting there, dying in, you know, Mitch McConnell’s office.” She added, “If we want to get something done again in our country and overcome the really, inexcusable resistance to progress we’ve seen from the Republicans,  then I think we’re gonna have to move quickly. And one of the areas we’ll have to move quickly on is the courts.”

“We’re gonna have to move quickly on everything: election reform (nationalize elections)climate change, COVID relief, expanding health care, everything that, uh, we care about,” Clinton declared.

On top of this, Pelosi has HR1 in the hopper and will make DC a state.


It’s over for the Republicans in that they will never again win another presidential election. The overwhelming majority of these people are either needy and uneducated, requiring the freebies to survive, or they’re criminals. They will vote for Democrats and their terrible policies. They will unwittingly recreate the hellhole they left.

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