Horrific Hate, Violence on Both Sides Answering Lynch’s Call for Blood in the Streets


Ted Goodman at The Daily Caller was at the Charlottesville protest reporting on the radical groups of right and left who came prepared to fight – violently.

It’s worth reading the article on the link and the conclusion he drew is that both sides were engaged in hate and violence. The man who caused the death of Heather Heyer is said to be a Hitler-loving Nazi. Hitler was a socialist, not a right-winger, but these Nazis identify as right-wing. We need to completely disavow and condemn them. The left can have them.

The right-wing protesters had a permit. The left-wing protesters came without a permit. In addition to a woman being killed, two police officers died unnecessarily as they monitored this disaster of hate groups from a helicopter.

A few passages in particular caught our eye in Goodman’s article. There were some UVA students who came, upset by the Nazis and KKK in their backyard, but members of radical leftist groups including Antifa and the Workers World Party dominated the group.

Cornell West, the communist professor and agitator, was present saying more love and justice is needed. That won’t happen with his ideology. Nor will it happen with the extreme white nationalists who say they want to keep their heritage but who are violent and hang out with Nazis and KKK. Goodman reported:

At one location on the street, the counter-protest steadily grew in size, and both sides began hurling accusations. “Black lives matter!” from the counter-protesters was met with, “White lives matter!” Projectiles started flying. People began hurling water bottles and water balloons, then concrete blocks. Others started spraying mace.

And then later:

Police initially held their position around the three sides of the park but later left the clashing factions to their own devices. Emotions boiled over into intense hand-to-hand combat before noon. Individuals from both sides began throwing themselves at one another without hesitation.

When the white supremacists were hold up in a garage:

As a group moved away from the park and into a parking garage next to the police station, one antifa activist broke away from his friends.

White supremacists pounced, armed with sticks and large wooden planks. In seconds, the protester was on the ground, blood pouring from his head. He attempted to get up, legs wobbly. Police stood by, watching it all happen. Of all the images we captured that day, this is surely the most haunting.

The Daily Caller has some informative videos you might want to check out. We have a brief clip below. We found it interesting that the left-wing radicals are allegedly not anti-Jewish but they were waving Palestinian flags.


People like Loretta Lynch has encouraged the violent left with her call for blood in the streets. Tim Kaine’s own son is an Antifa. This identity politics began with the leftists and the Obama administration made it much worse. It was only a matter of time before angry extremists on the right came out to defend their turf.

That is what the left wanted all along. They want the right to hang themselves.

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