Horrifying Coronavirus Video out of China


We found some horrifying videos out of China. It’s hard to know what is going on in the Communist nation because of the secrecy surrounding everything they do.

This first video out of China is very disturbing. This young man is only suspected of having the virus and was dragged forcibly out of his home. He knows he will be incarcerated, probably with people sickened with coronavirus. The care is not great in China with their Single Payer and over 700 people have died so far.

You are probably thinking this couldn’t happen here. You probably believe that.

Many believe the Chinese have lied about the situation and that 100,000 are infected with the virus. We know that 400 million are quarantined.


In this next clip, the terrified young couple, suspected of having the virus, are forced into a metal container to be transported somewhere, hopefully, a hospital.

The film was accompanied by this statement: Chinese medial workers in pink Hazmat suits, take a suspected couple and then box them in a metal container in the back of a truck where they will transport them to an undisclosed location and will most likely be quarantined. You can hear the hysterical screams of the woman…


Many are sealed inside their homes, and, for some, it is a death sentence:

The virus, according to Shanghai officials, can be spread through direct contact and is airborne. That is the worst possible news.


There are heroes, like this Chinese nurse who cares for the sick at great risk to herself.

The hero we all know about is the doctor in Wuhan who alerted everyone to the dangers of the coronavirus.

Most believe the situation is far worse than Chinese Communist officials are willing to admit.

The first Chinese American died in Wuhan yesterday. Only one person infected with novel coronavirus has died outside China — a Philippine man.

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