Horror in Afghanistan thanks to Biden’s planning for every contingency


There are horror stories coming out of Afghanistan thanks to all those Biden contingency plans.

People having bibles on their phones are being killed.

Afghans marching with the nation’s real flag are being murdered.

Babies are being tossed over the fences at the Kabul airport by women who want their babies saved from the Taliban.

Reports of depression at the Dod. They should be depressed.

Do you think Joe Biden can be trusted to bring in Afghans by the hundreds of thousands? That is the latest leftist plane. Steve Cortes doesn’t trust him. He says they now want to make Afghanistan’s problem our problem.



  1. But they said it would be inclusive?
    Muh diversity?
    Don’t the Taliban comrades respect diversity of religion after all it is our strength.

    (drool, derp, darr)

  2. Oh, poor DOD. I guess the Pentagon has called a Lid on anonymous sources. Where’s all the “Vindman’s” who had all the answers and were “best suited” for policy decisions. And the general whines he doesn’t have 45, to kick around anymore.

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