House Approved Legislation with Massive Cuts – 39% of the EPA


House Republicans on Friday approved the legislation that would slash the Environmental Protection Agency by nearly 40%. The bill was approved 213 to 203, and it cut 39% of the budget. It would cut them back to where they belong and where they were three decades ago.

The Hill columnists say Republicans are doing it because they are opposed to the agency’s overreaching on pollution contamination and climate change.

The bill was written by a committee chaired by Idaho Republican Mike Simpson.

“Cutting funding is never easy or pretty, but with the national debt in excess of 33 trillion and inflation at an unacceptable level, we had to make tough choices to rein in federal spending,” Simpson said on the House floor Thursday.

As the bill has no chance of becoming law or even being negotiated. In addition to the cuts to the EPA, the GOP bill would rescind provisions from the climate, tax, and health care bill that Democrats passed last year. That bill feeds their favorite voting block and they’re exaggerated climate change agenda. The bill also seeks to prevent the EPA from enforcing its rules on power plants, which effectively destroy The US energy sector.


It also included cuts to the Interior Department of about 4.5% and cuts of 13% to the National Park Service.

It would also require the administration to pursue drilling off the coast of Alaska. Additionally, it would require the administration to auction off the right to drill for oil at least twice a year in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Senate bill calls for $7 billion more in total funding with bipartisan support. The Senate is the Uniparty. If nothing else, this bill sets an agenda and separates the House from the Senate.

Realistically, cuts of this magnitude must be made to save this country from utter ruination. Many experts see us heading into the debt doom loop where all we’ll be able to pay for is the interest on the debt. We can’t sustain a debt economy.

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