House Dems Add Unconstitutional Gun Control in a Bill Protecting Women


Screenshot Chip Roy

The House Democrats passed the Violence Against Women Act this past Thursday 263 to 58 and included unconstitutional gun legislation in the bill. Thirty-three Republicans voted for the bill.

The Democrats sneaked the gun control into the bill meant to combat domestic violence.

“Republicans are committed to reauthorizing VAWA, however, Democrats have refused to engage on the issue in a meaningful, bipartisan manner and instead rushed a partisan bill to the floor”, reads a statement to Blaze Media from the office of Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La).

In a Wednesday speech on the House floor, Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) said the current bill is almost “unrecognizable from the legislation originally passed in 1994”.

“In the name of protecting women, Democrats are exploiting this bill as an opportunity to assault the Second Amendment rights of American citizens”, Roy continued, “and it’s despicable that anyone would seize on this as such an opportunity to weaponize a measure that was meant to protect victims”.

Congressman Collin Peterson was the only Democrat to oppose it. He accused Pelosi, D-Calif., of trying to “use different groups of people as pawns in her political game”.


The bill goes beyond Federal law which bars convicted abusive spouses from purchasing guns. It takes away Second Amendment rights for actions that are not felonies and not domestic violence.

Jennifer Baker, a spokeswoman for the N.R.A., said that for “many of those ‘offenses’ — and I’m using air quotes here — the behavior that would qualify as a stalking offense is often not violent or threatening; it involves no personal contact whatsoever.” She argues that the new provision is “too broad and ripe for abuse.”

“How it’s written right now, you could be convicted for a misdemeanor stalking offense for a tweet that causes someone emotional distress and then you would be prohibited from owning a firearm,” Baker further explained to the New York Times.

Republicans also contended that the proposed law could force prisons to house some male prisoners with women if the offender identifies as a woman and force domestic-abuse shelters to house transgender women alongside female victims. “We stand willing and ready to discuss ways to do that”, Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., said on the floor.


They are now making it seem as if Republicans and the NRA oppose a bill to protect women against violence.

Look around at the headlines surrounding the National Rifle Association’s opposition to the bill. This one yesterday from the Detroit News is pretty indicative of the coverage when it says, “NRA fights Dingell measure to stop domestic abusers from getting guns.”

They’re trying to convey the idea that the NRA wants to empower domestic abusers.

Teen Vogue titled their disingenuous article, The NRA Wants to Stop Congress From Renewing the Violence Against Women Act.

It Ignores the 5th and 14th Amendment

Second Amendment advocates say that the part of the bill dealing with protection orders would allow judges to effectively strip people’s rights away without proper due process.

We must protect the rule of law and due process. People lie to hurt others. The thing that protects us and stands between Americans and anarchy is the rule of law.

If you lose your rights under the 5th and 14th Amendments for guns, you could lose them for any reason.

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Jerry Murph
Jerry Murph
4 years ago

Well it is hard to say too much when the stupid voters put a majority Demorats in the House. They will not stop til they turn us into the United Socialist States of America. Keep voting in Demorats and see all of your rights thrown out with the rest of our Republic.

4 years ago

hey….let’s disarm women to protect them against men!!!! LOL

Billy Twoknives
Billy Twoknives
4 years ago

Sneaky, conniving SOB’s just never give up trying to obliterate our Constitutional rights.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Their goal is anarchy designed to destroy our 2nd amendment right to bear arms by using victims groups their usual ploy.