Obama’s in Berlin subtly bashing the President and supporters


Barack Obama met privately with Angela Merkel in Berlin and the German officials characterized it as “routine.”  The one thing it’s not is routine.

Merkel’s spokesperson Steffen Seibert said the meeting is standard operating procedure although it’s obviously not.

He also said the meeting has no implications for current German-U.S. relations. If Obama wasn’t running a shadow government, that might be believable.

Merkel is due to travel to the U.S. at the end of May for a speech at the graduation ceremony of Harvard University – but apparently is not planning a detour to Trump in Washington.

The former president has done what he can to make certain foreign leaders don’t work with the President.

Obama has been giving speeches, pushing climate change and demeaning the President and his followers while he was at it.

He claimed he was there to be non-partisan and then he ripped on “nationalism,” which to him means the President and his supporters.

Here He Is Claiming He’s There As A Non-Partisan

Former President Barack Obama speaks at Obama Foundation in Berlin: “I’m not here to support any political party. I’ve held my last political office. The Obama Foundation is non-partisan. Michelle would leave me if I ever ran for office again.”

Here He Is Being a Partisan

“Nationalism, particularly from the far right, is re-emerging,” the former president told a packed auditorium in Berlin. “We know where that leads. Europe knows better than anyone where that leads.”

Nationalism to Trump and supporters merely means patriotism, borders, sovereignty, and anti-globalism.

A lot of what he said was meant to insult the President, like this next quote:

“I definitely think that there’s some politicians who could use some meditation. There is no doubt about that. I can think of a few who, you know, should just sit there for a little bit and –reflect. Find some inner peace,” Obama said.

He is such a miserable human being. The Democrats have made President Trump’s life hell with their fake conspiracies. Obama’s gaslighting here, trying to make the President into the nut for reacting.

Everything he does involves gaslighting. When he trashes nationalism, he is denigrating the anti-globalist agenda while pretending those concerned about borders and sovereignty are the bad guys.

Obama spoke before an audience of 14,000 in Cologne’s Lanxess Arena on Thursday, the day he arrived.

The scheming ex-president said he was “confident and cautiously optimistic” that the United States would soon be a leader in climate protection again.

He added that he understood that many people are frustrated by the attitude of the current US government. But they shouldn’t forget that the liberal [far-left] state of California, for example, is consistently implementing the Paris Climate Agreement, he said.

Hope lies in young people, he said: “If all young people went to the polls and voted for climate-friendly parties, they could bring about change very quickly.”

I am a great supporter of enlightening values such as facts, reason, and logic,” said the 57-year-old. “A democracy defines itself by allowing for different opinions, but it cannot function when fundamental facts are challenged.”

Was one of his facts, if you want to keep your doctor, you can keep your doctor? Someone needs to tell this fool, our nation is a Republic, not a democracy, but then he knows that, doesn’t he?

The full speech:

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John Vieira
John Vieira
4 years ago

He IS a puppet for damn well sure…his strings are being polled by islam and he is all “taqiyya” to the NWO…

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

This man has no respect for our constitution, our Republic, our nation, thank God he is no longer the president.