House Dems present a $3T socialist bill to add to our astronomical debt


House Democrats secretly put together an 1800-page $3 trillion dollar package with zero input from Republicans. It will be the largest stimulus in U.S. history and bring our debt to about 29 trillion.

One trillion would go to state, local and tribal governments. There will be cash for Americans. They’ve added more unemployment insurance and will subsidize rent and mortgage payments in an enormous redistribution of wealth, Fox News reported.

As is customary, the name of the Act to pass it is given a misnomer. They are calling it the ‘Heroes Act.’

Democrats call it help for ‘heroes’ because they want to send cash to their union workers who make up their voter base, including teachers and transportation workers.’

Most Americans would get another $1200 — we are just going to hand out cash. The bill will include student loan relief.

House Democrats will provide more funding for testing, contact tracing and treatment for victims and support for hospitals and health care providers, Steny Hoyer said.

The legislation will provide expanded food assistance to struggling families through SNAP benefits and funding for elections and corrupt mail-in voting to prepare for the November election. The House Democrats plan will have funds for the struggling U.S. Postal Service and more aid for small businesses.

Democrats did NOT include the two things Republicans want. — a tax cut and liability protection.

The text of this socialist nonsense is now circulating.

This is an enormous fifth round of coronavirus legislation and it is based on socialist values. They are asking for this as our debt is at historically high levels thanks to massive spending of money we do not have. It’s all borrowed and printed money.

Only some Republicans are balking and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin is comfortable borrowing this amount because of low-interest rates.

Where are the fiscal conservatives?

Is Mnuchin also comfortable with instilling the socialist ideals in Americans’ minds that they are entitled to rent and other benefits from those who worked hard and saved?

There will be a vote this Friday, according to Steny Hoyer. Hoyer said, “this is an unprecedented time.”

How about we just open the government, businesses, and schools instead?

The assistance to state and local governments will plug up budget holes and transfer the debt to the federal taxpayer. These are ‘holes’ they spent themselves into. If these regions don’t adjust their spending, they will just ring up another outrageous bill. They must not have the budget holes they created become a burden of the mere 53% who pay federal taxes.

Pelosi hasn’t allowed congressmen to come to work for weeks, but she sure can spend while not at work.

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High Desert
High Desert
2 years ago

How in the world can they craft and present bills when Congress is not in session?

2 years ago
Reply to  High Desert

Easy, the people in the House aren’t the ones who actually write them. There is a whole other system of lawyers, paid by PAC’s that draft legislation. When they get someone/something they think can get crap passed, they pull it off the shelf and send it over. Congress people haven’t actually written a bill in quite some time. If you ever wonder why there are 1800 page bills that they have to “pass it to know what’s in it”, well there you go. They don’t have a clue because they don’t write it, merely get the highlights and cram it down our throats.

Richard Bourgeois
Richard Bourgeois
2 years ago

Any republican in the House that votes for this bill should never be allowed to run for any office again.

2 years ago

Wasn’t it Obama and his Congress full of Democrats/Liberal Progressives who said we would do well to go the way of Venezuela? Well, here we are, folks. Pork barrel spending under the guise of (feigned) compassion. EBT and Snap, today, like a bandaid on cancer.

If this bill passes, expect mass starvation to occur before too many tomorrows.

Bye, Bye free Republic. It’s been swell. Far too short lived, and thanks to the Demoncrats, and all of those pretend Republicans, we’re about to become residents of H. E. double L.

Eggman vs. The Walrus
Eggman vs. The Walrus
2 years ago

Everything is too big to fail. There is this thing called reality that really is too big to fail.
It is about to smash into statist utopian fairytales with a force and fury that cannot be fathomed.
The smoke and mirrors work when times are good but the times they are a changing.
Enemedia hacks and RAT apparatchiks won’t be able to reassemble Humpty Dumpty.
Getting high on your own too big to fail Kool-Aid always ends badly.

Joe Daigle
Joe Daigle
2 years ago

She didn’t “unveil” this bill, she c rapped it out of her a ss. Why do dimwits waste their time on Schi++ like this?