Cuomo coins phrase “European Virus” & parrots communist China


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo must be a racist against those of European birth. He’s calling the pandemic a “European Virus.” If the standard Democrats and Chinese communists set is the new standard, then Cuomo is a racist.

Cuomo is ignoring the fact that the Chinese essentially leaked the virus by not telling anyone when it first reared its ugly head. They let their people travel the world for weeks before they reluctantly admitted it can be spread human-to-human.

That’s okay apparently. The facts don’t matter, only ideology matters. Both Andrew Cuomo and his brother Fredo are spouting Communist Chinese Party talking points.

It’s bigotry to call it the “Wuhan Chinese Virus” but it’s fine to call it a European Virus even though it did not originate in Europe. The Europeans were victims of the Chinese Communists. Andrew Cuomo is counting on you being stupid.

A few comments:

Don’t forget that Andrew Cuomo is the man who rejected vents from the New York company, Remington, and took them from the Communist Chinese instead. His penchant is for Chinese Communists.

You should also know that Cuomo and Bloomberg are building an army of contact tracers that will delay re-opening, add a new bureaucracy, and cost big bucks for software that might well benefit Bloomberg, a communist China-centric politician.


Andrew Cuomo’s communism-centric brother is on-air lying as well. Of course, China is innocent in his mind since it’s a European virus.

Fredo also falsely claims the administration is saying it was a manmade virus. NO ONE is saying that. What the administration is saying is it accidentally leaked from the Wuhan lab [not a European lab].

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