House GOP Proposes to Save Medicare, Social Security, Dems Want the Rich to Pay


Medicare and Social Security are going to implode – soon – and some way to save them has to come quickly. The GOP came up with proposals, and now Democrats are distorting them and campaigning on them.

Rep. Steve Scalise addressed the Democrat distortions of the GOP plan to save Medicare and Social Security. Medicare is expected to become insolvent in 2028 and Social Security in 2035. The only people talking about trying the save them are the GOP.

To save them, taxes would have to go up, or the program would have to be cut, or both.


Democrats want to raise payroll taxes on the wealthy. They always say the rich will pay, eventually becoming a middle-class burden. There aren’t enough wealthy people to pay for all the Democrat freebies. Their answers become unitive taxation of successful people.

The RSC proposal — and its only proposal is to gradually raise the eligibility age for new applicants for both programs. People live longer. It’s not unreasonable. It would slow the growth of benefits for higher earners in Social Security. Medicare would transition to a new model where seniors would receive premium subsidies to buy a government-run public option or privately run insurance. Republicans would like to work with Democrats to come to a consensus.

Bernie Sanders did what he does well – he rephrased it to suit his economic illiteracy. He’s not invested in trying to save it.

“Are you going to support a party that wants to give more tax breaks to the rich, cut Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, or are you going to support people prepared to stand up for working people?” Bernie said.

“Now, I’m not here to tell you that the Democrats are perfect – believe me, they are not,” he said. “But on virtually all of the issues, including climate change, the choice is pretty clear.”

Someone should save it, and they don’t have much time to do it.

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3 months ago

Taxes DO NOT have to go up! Just use some of that overseas bribery money the Gov keeps sending to our enemies.

3 months ago

Trump repealed the SALT deduction. It was mostly a tax on Democrats in high tax blue states. Democrat leadership wanted to bring it back but the far left joined Republicans to defend it. Eliminating the $147,000 wage cap would mostly be a tax on Democrats. Expand the definition of wages so athletes, authors, partnerships, Wall Street traders and celebrities pay tax on all their earned income. Classify stock options to owners and employees as wages.

Enword G. Robbinsome
Enword G. Robbinsome
3 months ago

Both parties have the same solution.
Open Borders.
But Open Borders will only buy a few years .
SS/Medicare are doomed because they are Ponzi Schemes .

3 months ago

The clot shot intention is to solve that issue

3 months ago

The first thing the Government can do to save Social Security is to adjust financial Policy for ZERO Inflation. Next would be to do away with the “maximum taxable earnings” cap on Social Security. Finally, do away with Medicare and roll those payments into Social Security. Medicare is a corrupt Boondoggle. There is a Huge amount of Fraud in Medicare. In addition the true overhead cost of Medicare is hidden. If seniors, and everyone else, had to pay out of pocket, the Cost of Medical Care in the US would be on the order of 20 cents on the Dollar compared to today. Medical Insurance is scam that just makes a fortune for insurance companies. Why, because the cost of compatible healthcare around the world is on the order of 1/5 of what it is in America. I know because I have spent half my adult life living overseas. Much of the cost in Medical care is Lawsuits and States not pulling the Medical License of Quakes!

Growing up, the Federal Government was not involved much in Healthcare. The Federal Government raided Social Security to create Medicare and Medicaid in the 1960s and the cost of Healthcare has exceeded Inflation since. Anything the Federal Government touches becomes corrupt and expensive! The only reason I accept the concept of Social Security is because of Government Deficit Spending which is a hidden tax on Savings. You can no longer Save for Retirement the US because Government Policy turns Cash into Trash.

There used to be 3 levels of healthcare in the US. Indigent care was provided by Church and State Charity Hospitals. For the most part care was provided in large open wards reminiscent of old war movies. Next was Middle Class care in semi private rooms of 4 to 8 patients. Finally, the Boutique Care we see today. Why is everyone “entitled” the best care money, taxpayer money, can buy. Medical care isn’t a Right, and until recently never thought of as a Right. Every time we create a “New Right” some business makes windfall profits. We see this in Healthcare and we see this in Higher Education. The Middle Class always gets the Bill for these “New Rights”.

America will only get back on track when we reduce the size of the Federal Government to under 5% of GDP and reduce the power of the Federal Government over The People by at least 90% and return that power to the States. In order to do that the 16th and 17th Amendment MUST BE repealed and replaced with a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment and a Presidential Line Item Veto with a 2/3s of Congress override.