House now probing Mike Pompeo giving a speech at the RNC as another city burns


A House panel is now investigating Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s convention speech. They’re claiming it’s a violation of The Hatch Act and a breach of State Department regulations according to The Hill.

How many times did the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton get political while she served in the role? And what about that corrupt Clinton foundation taking money from countries all over the world?

Barack Obama campaigned against Donald Trump while serving as president.

The far-left son of communist LaRaza Rosie Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs panel’s subcommittee on oversight and investigations, raised his concerns in a letter to Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun and requested information on the secretary’s planned remarks.

He recorded the comments in Israel so the panel is criticizing that. They claim the comments are in his personal capacity and violate his own regulations.

The country is going to hell in a handbasket but this is what they are worried about. As lunatics and criminals burn down blue cities, they are laser-focused on the protocol.

The party that has politicized everything is concerned about politicization.

“This action is part of a pattern of politicization of U.S foreign policy, for which President Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives, that undermines America’s standing in the world. The American people deserve a full investigation.”

It undermines nothing knowing that an appointee of the President supports him.

Hillary and Barack did a grand job of politicizing the relationship with the press and politicizing every agency.

Why worry about burning Kenosha, worry about a speech:

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