Ritzy NYC Hotels Now Available for Illegal Aliens


The border crisis is so much worse than people are told. Fox News, Newsmax, OANN, and some independent journalists cover it, but legacy media does not. It’s akin to lying in what is a massive coverup.

At least 13 million unvetted people will be here by 2024, the population of Pennsylvania or the populations of Wyoming, Vermont, DC, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Hawaii, and West Virginia combined.

Even if they aren’t terrorists or criminals, and many are, the needy, uneducated people among them will need welfare. Democrats will tell them they are entitled to it, and they will vote for Democrats.

The aliens flooding the border, one alien a minute at the Rio Grande alone, are anonymous, unvetted people, including people who are needy, dependent, criminal, perverted, terrorists, etc. Drug problems in this country are skyrocketing as some of the most dangerous drugs pour into the country.

Hey, people coming illegally, can you hear it IN THE AIR TONIGHT? New York City is putting the unvetted illegal aliens into fancy hotels reduced to $400 a night. Federal taxpayers get to fund it. Watch the first clip. Gov. Abbott is right to send them to New York City, where they can get all they need and more. Maybe we could pretend to be here illegally and get a vacation?

Mayor Adams is calling it an emergency, so the hotels have to do it, and at reduced rates. As a bonus, the foreigners will leave the rooms a mess.

The Darien Gap is now open in Panama. DHS Secretary Mayorkas worked with Panama to make it easier for people to get through by reducing the trip from 10 to 2 days. That is also a path for terrorists from the Middle East.

No serious country does this, but Democrats and RINOs do, making us into a 3rd World Nation.

Listen to Mr. Morgan explain the dire situation:

We don’t even know how many terrorists are coming across. This should “scare the Hell out of you.” ICE can no longer remove anyone for just coming illegally!

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