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Out of the box, Neil Cavuto said before the debate that Chris Wallace had problems at the debate due to a candidate. Actually, the candidate had problems with Wallace for his blatant, unreasonable bias.

For the most part, as a moderator, Kristen Welker was thought to have done well. She started out great — but as the debate went on, she framed questions from a biased perspective, cut off Trump often but not Biden.

Ronna McDaniel counted:

She talked over Trump and gave Biden time to think of an answer.

Wallace joked that he is jealous.

Welker kept order and her questions were better than Chris Wallace’s.

Chris Wallace said about Ms. Welker, with a laugh, “Well, first of all, I’m jealous,” Wallace said on Fox News during the network’s live coverage of the event. “I would have liked to have been able to moderate that debate.”

He could have just said she did a good job.

Brigitte Gabriel thought she was better than Wallace.

Jerry Dunleavy said, “…Kirsten Welker just objectively did a much better job than Chris Wallace did.”

She would not let President Trump talk about the laptop and two witnesses to potential crimes by the Biden family.

“Welker again cuts Trump off when he starts talking about Biden’s foreign scandal and then asks Biden to respond,” noted Katie Pavlich mid-debate.

However, Welker did ask Biden if Hunter’s foreign business ties were ‘unethical’


At one point, she pretty much called President Trump a racist, but we didn’t hear anything about Biden’s, ‘you ain’t black’ comment.

Welker asked a question about Trump calling BLM a symbol of hate and the fact that he shared a video of someone chanting white power. The video had a man in a golf cart joking about white power, but he could hardly be heard. President Trump explained at the time that he didn’t hear him. She did not ask Biden a similar question about Antifa and BLM. BLM is a communist organization seeking the overthrow of our capitalist government and traditional society.

Yashar Ali said to blame the commission for the fact-checking [the commission has got to go].

Quote of the night:


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