How Socialism Is Working Out in Sweden


Sweden Today – massive influx without assimilation

This Swedish political leader said he will not accept his two-year-old growing up in a Muslim Sweden. His concern is that the Islamists will be in control if the influx continues.

This is just one by-product of Swedish socialism.

Sweden has a lot of problems with Islamists not assimilating.

Peter Imanuelson – who goes by the name Peter Sweden – said his homeland Sweden “has seen an upward trend in the rape statistics for a long time now. Actually, not even an upward trend. More like an absolute skyrocket in the worst way possible.”

“In the year of 1975, Sweden had 421 reported rapes for the whole year. Fast forward to 2021 and that same number has gone up to a shocking 9,668.”

In this altercation, the police tried to stop radicals from lighting fires, and a fight ensued. They don’t care if they are police — they don’t have authority with the unassimilated.

“That’s an increase of over 2200% in 46 years! That is a catastrophe.”

“Sweden brands itself as a feminist country where they care about women’s rights, but this disaster that is mostly affecting women is being ignored. Why is that?

“In fact, the number of rapes in Sweden the last 5 years might actually shock you. Now, keep in mind that Sweden is a small country with a population of only 10 million people.

“There are a lot of riots and there are no-go zones.”

On Thursday and Good Friday, Rasmus Paludan, the leader of the Danish Stram Kurs political party, scheduled protests in Sweden against Islamic Supremacy. Paludan organized demonstrations in some of the country’s most dangerous, immigrant-dense areas, widely considered no-go-zones.

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1 year ago

Also the Reply doesn’t seem to work.

It could be the site has been written to a tight Browser Standard and Browser updates affect the Website. One of the reasons I like to write in HDML with older looser coding. My site is really small. I would not be surprised that Akismet is a problem along with just about any other “frontend”. It could see multiple Postings as Spam, but I usually sit down and write comments during my breaks from working out in the field or in the evening one after the other.

One of the projects on my to do list is to move my hobby website and Email onto a “Hillary Clinton” Server that I have total control over, but with actual security. I apologize for the censoring accusations, but it’s so widespread it’s become the most likely answer to things going into the bit bucket. Not every business owner knows everything going on in the back room or with a commercial product they don’t have the source code to. (The reason all my servers and most of my computers run Linux.) Then you could be hosted on a site with content filters and scanners; the reason I want my own server. It does seem like there is a reduction in comments on the Independent Sentinel overall though?????

1 year ago

In the last month a number of my more extreme Comments have not posted. If your not censoring, then maybe you need to have a talk with your programmers about fixing your site. Mostly the Issue is with COVID Shot disclosures from the Pfizer Documents and references to “2000 Mules”.

Working in Big Blue Cities, I used to think I was to the Right, but recently a long time friend came to visit and we we went out for dinner and drinks. The next day he commented that it’s amazing that I’m so Liberal in such a Conservative environment. I’m a Card Carrying Libertarian. Many of my more “Conservative” comments are more the thinking of people here in Mississippi than mine. I think it’s important that we understand that there are a lot of people in Red States (The Silent Majority) who really do want to throw the Godless Communist Globalist Democrat Liberal Losers out of the Union.

Also consider that Mississippi is 40% Black and they are most of what we call Hard Shell Baptist and Blue Dog Democrats. They are now America First Trump Supporters. I have neighbors who give me the hairy eyeball for having a beer with a friend on the front porch, but these are extremely good people. It’s the next county over that’s a dry county. These are the people that make America work. I’m glad I retired back to the Deep South near where I was born. I’m in a Red State surrounded by Red States. If these people decide they have had enough, it won’t be pretty. We are already hearing from them. Mississippi has the largest number of Truck Drivers per capita in the Nation. Their Trucks are sitting idle because fuel prices make trucking unprofitable. Same with the Truckers in Texas. Since most are also cattle ranches and the price of a cow has increased by over 50% since 2019, they don’t need to drive their trucks.

It will get worse without significant change. We are heading for a Depression and it will not be the subdued Depression of the 1930s. I have a gentleman’s ranch with resources. My neighbor runs over 50 head of cattle. We won’t starve. In a Modern Depression, Millions will starve in the Big Blue Cities. I’ve traveled the world and seen starvation first hand, it’s not pretty. Open Borders and Lawless Policies are creating a 3rd World in America. It’s by design and a lot of very bad players are involved!

1 year ago

Considering what’s going on in Sweden they are far from Communist. I can’t say that about Blue State America anymore. Even the Independent Sentinel filters post that touch on subjects that are true, but obviously too political for the Sentinel. I may be moving on to a more open forum in the future.