GOP has a surprise for ‘Comeback Kid’ Joe — Ukraine’s back


The Democrats’ leading presidential candidate is a confused man who appears to have significant brain damage. On a good day, he knows what state he’s in and might even be able to call people by their actual names.

He won his first primary state after three decades of trying to become president. His cheerleaders are calling him the ‘comeback kid.’

Also coming back is Burisma!

Senator Ron Johnson wants to issue a subpoena for a witness who is tied to a U.S. firm and Burisma. This comes after records indicated that there are “concerns” surrounding the Burisma scandal that warrants an investigation.

The committee wants the individual’s records and his attendance at Blue Star Strategies related to his work as a consultant. He appears to have attempted to leverage Hunter Biden’s role as a board member of Burisma to gain access to and potentially influence matters at the State Department.

The individual in question is Anrdii Telizhenko. Mr. Telizhenko is a witness who was interviewed by Rudy Giuliani (see the interview below).

Democrats sold out the Bidens to get Trump.

CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge has the letter:

Mr. Teleschenko is the witness who told Giuliani that Alexander Chalupa, the DNC contractor, said the fake black book used to destroy Paul Manafort was intended to destroy Donald Trump’s campaign and force him to withdraw.

Rudy’s interview with Mr. Telizhenko:

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