Huge Story: How the Biden Admin Killed Democracy in Haiti


Democracy dies in the Biden White House and for Haitians, who were victims of Biden’s politics.

A year ago, Haiti’s President was murdered in his residence. It took place a couple of months before the election. It would be the first time they could vote for their leaders. The Biden administration killed all of it and installed a dictator to rule over them.

Haitians were finally going to have a democratic election of their leadership after decades of not having an opportunity to vote. They were going to have a representative government.

The Biden administration did it because they had an enormous migrant camp of 15,000 Haitians in Del Rio, Texas, giving them bad press before the election. The caretaker Prime Minister agreed to take them, so the Biden administration put him in office and told him he could cancel the elections.

This is according to the Biden-appointed ambassador, who was so outraged by it that he resigned his position.

Daniel Foote, the Biden- appointed former US special envoy to Haiti, said the administration supported Dr. Ariel Henry — who took power as both acting prime minister and acting president after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise — because he was willing to accept Haitian migrants who have rushed the US border.

Hillary tried to do this in Honduras, but the people were one step ahead of her at the time.

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