Lawyer Goes Off the Rails Over Fifty Aliens & Ken Burns Flips Out


An immigration attorney, Rachel Self, showed up at Martha’s Vineyard furious that fifty migrants were flown in from Florida. She yelled during a press conference that a mistake on migrants’ forms was a deliberate attempt to get the aliens deported. She called it a “purposeful derailment.”

That’s a stretch.

First of all, we doubt she’s accurate, and secondly, when did it become illegal to deport illegal aliens?

Mimicking Gavin Newsom, Self called the entire ordeal “kidnapping.” This is the new Democrat propaganda line they will repeat until the election.

They want to depict all the Republicans in the country as criminals. In reality, Democrats in power are willfully breaking the law.

The wealthy white racists of Martha’s Vineyard are hysterical over the fifty migrants flown into their posh area.

What about Biden sending aliens in the middle of the night to New York airports? Was that a kidnapping? Gov. De Santis told the officials the fifty aliens were coming in and that more are on the way.

The people in these border towns are overrun with thousands of unvetted aliens, but that’s okay. Don’t send fifty to any place where the elite live.

Even more absurd was Ken Burns’ reaction. He likened it to the Holocaust, which should offend people. In the least, it’s ridiculous. Nothing Burns says correlates with the truth. He has the gall to say Republicans are “punishing their political enemies.” Biden is the king of punishing political enemies.

Flying them to a progressive paradise is equivalent to torture, kidnapping, and putting them in ovens. Got it. Burns is an egotistical egghead.

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