How to Make a Vaccine Safe and Effective


On his substack, Steve Kirsch posted a tongue-in-cheek Pfizer secret guide on making a vaccine safe and effective. It’s so clever we had to post some of the piece. The irony is impactful.

  1. Require full liability protection
  2. Contracts require that the government isn’t allowed to reveal any adverse safety information with Pfizer’s express consent
  3. Get the US government to agree that there will not be any ICD10 codes for:
    • Death of a fully vaxxed person from COVID
    • Death from the COVID vaccine
    • Injury from the COVID vaccine
  4. Avoid debating anyone who figures out the truth.
  5. Make sure the medical journals only publish articles favorable to the vaccine. If there are any criticisms, ignore them.
  6. Criticize anyone who speaks out against the vaccines as “anti-science.”
  7. Forbid doctors to speak negatively about the vaccine to their patients (e.g., CA AB2098).
  8. Punish doctors who tell the truth: fire them, strip them of their medical license, censor them, deplatform them, demonetize their channels, etc.
  9. Make sure the mainstream media is telling a consistent narrative by creating the “Trusted News Initiative.”

To read more, go to his substack. How can you argue with the irony?

The dark side of medicine.

He mentions the Trusted News Initiative (TNI). How’s this for irony? TNI is a very dangerous conglomerate of newspapers that speak as one voice. Someone is finally suing them – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Let’s hope he prevails. All of the legacy media is owned by only six companies. Elites like George Soros are buying up conservative Latino radio and local newspapers. It is why you can’t trust the media. It’s not a conspiracy theory.

Punishing doctors is a reality. California is the worst of them, with a law to punish them for wrongspeak.

Medical journals like The Lancet are now a joke, thanks to censorship. We know everyone is censored for wrongspeak on social media, with special thanks to Elon Musk for revealing just how bad it is.

For more irony, the censorship of my small site is so intense that top government officials contact me for the tiniest error. I recently made a mistake deep in the body of an article referencing the GAO instead of the GSA but listed it correctly elsewhere. A top official in communications notified me of my mistake almost immediately. I was happy about the correction. But can you imagine how closely the government watches the Sentinel?

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1 year ago

The only way a Vaccine is Safe is if you don’t take it. Almost all vaccines and medications have some side effects so no one under any circumstances should be compelled to take a Medication or Vaccine. That Said, EVERYONE should have access to medications and vaccines and it should be their choice to take the ones they “feel” are Safe and Effective. You don’t have an effective vaccine if everyone has to take it for it to work. That is nothing but a Scam!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Government is responsible to protect us, instead it partnered with the jab poison producers. That is why I think the initial focus is on the government, which handled the approvals and censorship.

The content of your site would cause officials to take notice, because it is accurate and they do not like that. I imagine the government has readers who refer issues to officials. It is part of the censorship program, to determine which sources to censor. There also are likely automatic scanners which look at certain sites to check for content. In earlier years there was “spidering” to scan sites for keywords. Google and others expanded that. I would not be shocked if Google is scanning sites for the government.

In recent months I felt your wording shows caution. The incredible sensitivity of the government to information shows it is up to no good. Regardless of the status of that oddball “disinformation czar” lady, the government is still doing it, under the guide of national security.

1 year ago
  1. Forbid doctors to speak negatively about the vaccine to their patients (e.g., CA AB2098).

Because so many doctors see Medicare and Medicaid patients, they are bound by regulations and can suffer consequences.

I saw a video of one doctor explaining the intricate bureaucracy of the medical establishment and it showed why medicine cannot be trusted anymore. Unfortunately, later, I could no longer find which it was. It was recommended to use a “private doctor“. Come to find out there are very few in private practice. There are none in my state.