Wait until you hear why a popular British comedian might get canceled


When you think the cancel culture has gone as far as it can go, it gets worse. A case in point concerns a popular UK comedian Rufus Hound. He is facing attacks for racism. Check out the photo and see what you think the problem is because this is one of the images that started the onslaught.

You likely didn’t guess. He’s accused of ‘yellow-face’ after photos of him as villain Abanzar in a new production of Aladdin were released. The heavy eyeliner outraged his fans.

The Mirror reported fans claimed that not only did the images include Rufus wearing “racist make-up” but he is contributing to “a nationwide anti-Asian public humiliation campaign.”

To me, it was always racist to say Asians are ‘yellow.’ They’re not. They can be brown or white. I’ve yet to see one with yellow skin. In fact, now that it’s come up, Native Americans don’t have ‘red skin’ either. They can be brown or black or white, and anyway, who the hay cares?

In a series of tweets, he expressed his profound sadness.

He tweeted, “Problem is, there’s a lot of heavy s-t. The slide into fascism, the planet burning, love not winning in the end. Y’know. F-k I feel sad.”

He went on: “Let me please say to anyone who has seen the poster for the Panto I’m doing in Peterborough this Christmas…

“I dressed myself and was handed eyeliner to put on, as the final image needed to look forebodingly down. I just tried to make my eyes as menacing as possible.

“At no point did I think it was yellowface or anything near, as the character of Abanazar isn’t of Asian origin at all. I swear – that’s why it never crossed my mind.”

“Seeing it now, I get it. I see that, with white actors having so often used eyeshape as a racist dogwhistle, the image resonates with racism for many.”

Well, good for him, because I can’t see it. It’s ridiculous.

Hound, seeing his career evaporate went on and on with his apology.

He branded his past tweets “stupid and hurtful,” writing: “If anything I’ve said or tweeted in the past was stupid or hurtful, it’s because I can be stupid and hurtful. I, sincerely, try to understand and do better. Ask anyone who knows me. I am not short of thinking. Paralysingly, sometimes.”

“I’m not aware of anything specific coming my way, hand on heart. This isn’t one of those moments where my publicist has phoned me and said they’ve found my prints on the body (I don’t even have a publicist. Well, I did but they died in mysterious circumstances. And I wear gloves).”

Hound went on and on with the pathetic apology which he apparently needs to do to survive.

Hopefully, he makes enough money to warrant this groveling over nothing. It’s a pity he’s feeding into the diatribes of the perpetually offended. It only encourages more of it in the Twitter ghetto. Liberals/leftists are ruining comedy. They ruin everything they touch, especially if it’s fun.



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