Howard Stern to anti-vax radio hosts who died: ‘F–k their freedom’


Howard Stern insulted anti-vax radio hosts who died, ranting, ‘F**k their freedom.” Then he laughed at them, as he advocated for mandatory vaccinations.

“When are we going to stop putting up with the idiots in this country and just say, you know, it’s mandatory to get vaccinated?” Stern ranted in Tuesday’s episode of “The Howard Stern Show” on Sirius XM. “F–k them, f–k their freedom. I want my freedom to live. I want to get out of the house already. I want to go next door and play chess. I want to go take some pictures.”

The 67-year-old “King of All Media” continued to mock the deceased right-wing radio hosts, especially those who changed their opinions on their death beds.

“It’s really funny when these radio, the radio guys are the best, they’re like four of them died, four of them were like ranting on the air. They will not get vaccinated,” Stern said amid laughter during Tuesday’s show. “They were on fire, these guys. It was like day after day, they were all dying and then their dying words are ‘I wish I had been more into the vaccine. I wish I had taken it.’”


Personally, I’m vaccinated but this is an experimental drug, which may or may not be FDA-approved. It’s also not holding up against Delta although it seems to ease the final outcome. It should be an individual’s choice. If the government can tell you what drugs to put into your body, what can’t they do?

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