HRH Biden Declares Donald Trump Will Not Take Power


His Royal Highness Biden says Trump will not take power if he becomes president or runs or something. Can you interpret his comments below? Can Fetterman translate?

About Trump, Biden said, “We have to demonstrate that he will not take power if he does run. Making sure he under the legitimate efforts of the Constitution, become the next president again.”

He might have said they would use the Constitution to make sure he doesn’t take power, but if the past is prologue, Democrats will abuse the Constitution to keep him from doing his job.

We’re not really sure what he’s saying here since, like other Democrat candidates, he makes no sense and can’t speak. What we do know is that Biden also wants all the power in the hands of Democrats ad infinitum.


During Russiagate and Ukrainegate (over a memo), Biden’s main tool, Nancy Pelosi, misused the Constitution to impeach Donald Trump twice. The Constitution was abused again and again to investigate Donald Trump to keep him from doing his job, most notably Crossfire Hurricane and the Dossier affair. With the dossier, the FBI tried to bribe the author Christopher Steele into claiming falsely that it was confirmed. It was a clear abuse of power.

This is my fear if Donald Trump is the candidate – they won’t let him do the job. They will abuse the power of the Constitution to do it.

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