HRH Biden Declares Donald Trump Will Not Take Power


His Royal Highness Biden says Trump will not take power if he becomes president or runs or something. Can you interpret his comments below? Can Fetterman translate?

About Trump, Biden said, “We have to demonstrate that he will not take power if he does run. Making sure he under the legitimate efforts of the Constitution, become the next president again.”

He might have said they would use the Constitution to make sure he doesn’t take power, but if the past is prologue, Democrats will abuse the Constitution to keep him from doing his job.

We’re not really sure what he’s saying here since, like other Democrat candidates, he makes no sense and can’t speak. What we do know is that Biden also wants all the power in the hands of Democrats ad infinitum.


During Russiagate and Ukrainegate (over a memo), Biden’s main tool, Nancy Pelosi, misused the Constitution to impeach Donald Trump twice. The Constitution was abused again and again to investigate Donald Trump to keep him from doing his job, most notably Crossfire Hurricane and the Dossier affair. With the dossier, the FBI tried to bribe the author Christopher Steele into claiming falsely that it was confirmed. It was a clear abuse of power.

This is my fear if Donald Trump is the candidate – they won’t let him do the job. They will abuse the power of the Constitution to do it.

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4 months ago

It is because the Democrats were able to get away with an Election Steal in 2020 and get away with a Soft Coup that President Trump must be President again.

The Republican Ticket MUST be President Trump and Gov. DeSantis as VP. If DeSantis runs for President, the Democrats will use the Intel Agencies to destroy him. We must force them to waste their time on Trump who has been so investigated we know he is squeaky clean and anything the “Government” comes up with is more manufactured crap like Russia, Russia, Russia. Gov. DeSantis is a great Governor, but he needs to be in the VP slot first or they will do to him what they tried to do to Trump. The Democrats will succeed with screwing DeSantis if he runs for President, he doesn’t have the 30+ year National Figure Status that Trump had going in and won’t build it in two years.

I lived in Florida until a few years ago. DeSantis will have problems Nationally if he goes it alone. He will need to soften up on abortion to run Nationally. That will be tricky from the position of a Solid Red State Governor. As a sitting VP he would be a shoe in come 2028. DeSantis is a young guy and can wait; he should. DeSantis doesn’t want to monkey up his prospects for being President like Rubio did by moving too soon.

Traitor Joe will have America in such a mess, if not World War III or a Civil War, that America will overwhelmingly vote for a Strong America First Republican Ticket in 2024. Trump will be at the top of that ticket. President Trump and Gov. DeSantis are not by any means a radical ticket, they can run as solidly socially moderate and financially conservative. If they do this right we can have at least 20 years of America First Republicans in the White House and the Congress.

In the mean time we MUST GO AFTER the voting machines, the Ballot Box Stuffing, and the other Fraud we still had in this Election. At least in 2022, we knew where to look and may be able to go to court before it’s too late to make a difference. (I need to buy more My Pillow sheets.)

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 months ago

The USA is under a coup, the crooks will not let Trump or anyone else like him succeed. It seems that senile Biden has again spilled the beans, that they will indict Tump and use any other legal tricks to eliminate Trump. We are and will see lots of stories and opinions to cause a Trump – DeSantis conflict. The intent is destabilization of MAGA, classic divide and conquer. Many are already falling for this. Trump in 2024 and DeSantis in 2028 is a fear of corrupt DC. It’s better for young DeSantis to let Trump do the heavy lifting now and take the blows.

4 months ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

What I don’t understand how the Democrats have been running the House. They only had 48 Democrats. The Republicans had 50. The Party in Power, i.e the most Senators should run the House. That needs to change!