Huge Protest in Sweden Where Few COV Mandates Are in Place


There aren’t many mandates in Sweden and it’s been that way since the start of the pandemic. They kept their sanity, their freedom, and their businesses. However, they know the danger of vaccine passports and they don’t want them.

They’re holding a huge protest today in Stockholm, and it’s not just Stockholm.

Even in the very left nation of Norway, they don’t like it.

Massive protest in France.

Finland protests.



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True Sons Of the North
True Sons Of the North
1 year ago

They didn’t move quickly enough?
The triumphant return of the Swedish Buzzsaw which is used to describe brutal heavy metal thunder originating from that Land of the North.
Norsk (Norway) survived Vidkun Quisling and occupation and will soldier on.
France? LOL! If you can’t say anything nice is the old saying.